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MS Teams Integration

With MS Teams Integration configured, you will be able to display a user's MS Teams presence within the contact widget as well as initiate calls and chats via deeplinks.

In links below, you will be instructed how to properly add an app registration within your Azure tenant to allow access to certain graph apis. These graph apis will then be called from within IFS Cloud client app to show a user's presence.

Once you have completed setting up your app registration in Azure, you will will need to configure your system parameters in order to enable the funtionality within IFS Cloud. You will need all three parameters configured.

  1. Client ID (Azure app registration GUID)
  2. Tenant ID (Azure tenant ID GUID that you are targeting)
  3. MS Teams ENABLED


** All screen shots for setting up Azure app registrations were captured at time of development. Since the Azure portal can change it's UX at anytime in the future, please refer to Microsoft's documentation for setting up new app registrations and configuring api permissions if step-by-step instructions no longer seem accurate.

Microsoft Azure Setup References

Authorization and the Microsoft Graph Security API