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Scheduling Optimization Output Data

The Scheduling Optimization Output Data page shows the output data messages (broadcasts) received from IFS Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO).

Each message has a unique Message ID generated. The messages are handled through the following states:

  • Received - The message has been received from PSO. If the broadcast is defined as asynchronous it will also create a Background Job for processing in the background. If the broadcast is defined as synchronous it will be processing immediately.
  • Processing - The message is processing, i.e. the output data is parsed and the specific business logic defined in the scheduling model for the Scheduling Optimization Dataset is being executed.
  • Finished - The message has processed successfully.
  • Error - The message has failed when processing and an error message is displayed.

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Activities in Scheduling Output Data

Download Message

This command allows downloading the output data message (broadcast) received from PSO.