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Server Alert Log

The Server Alert Log makes it possible for system administrators and installation technicians to trace different activities in the server. To view the logs open the Server Alert Log form in Solution Manager / Monitoring folder in the Navigator. Read more About Server Alert Log

Figure 1 - Server Alert Log page

Column Description
Log ID Unique identification
Parent Log ID If a Log ID is connected to a parent log id, this shows the parent log id
Category ID Log category for this entry
Created Date this log was created
Finished Date this log was finished
Text 1 This text describes the logging, for Server Errors this is the Oracle error text
Text 2 This text gives detailed description for the logging, for Server Errors this is the SQL statement causing the error
F1 Identity Foundation1 identity causing the log
OS Identity Operating system identity causing the log
Oracle User Oracle User causing the log
Program Program executing on the client causing the log
Machine Name of the machine causing the log
IP Address IP address of the machine causing the log
Authentication Type Type of authentication used when connecting to the database
Job ID Id of the job if it is a job run in the background by the database
Job Description of what has been submitted as a background job
Checked If marked this log has been checked by someone
NOTE!!! Only checked jobs can be removed
Checked by Foundation1 identity of the user that has checked this log
Checked date Date when this log was checked