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Customize MobilityΒΆ

The IFS Cloud Mobile Framework (FNDMOB) provides a seamless mobility platform for IFS Cloud. This platform includes the mobile infrastructure of managing and transferring data to/from the mobile apps and the client framework that is used to build, publish and manage the mobile apps on Android, iOS and Windows.

This platform provides the ability to configure the Apps using the standard IFS Cloud tailoring designers (Page Designer, Appearance Designer etc) as well as additional configuration options to alter the frequency, method and filters applied to the transferred data. It is also possible to customize the released Apps using the Layered Application Architecture as the actual App code resides within the component that the App is exposing. The following table shows the component where the App code resides for each released mobile App:

App Component
MWO Maintenance MWO
MWO Service MWO
Notify Me NTFYME
Trip Tracker TRVEXP