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Discouraged Customization Areas

Most areas of IFS Cloud can be customized. This adds a lot of flexibility and control. In general we recommend keeping customizations to a minimal and but this general recommendation is mainly due to the extra cost and time added when trying to stay evergreen and taking new IFS releases.

I some areas we basically prohibit customizations. This is typically due to security and high risk of causing major malfunctions and data corruption. The areas are typically blocked from customization with a special @final notation in the model. This will simply block the tools from allowing changes.

The are some areas where we merely discourage the use of customization. Reasons could be high complexity and risk of introducing errors. High support load has been experienced in the past due to customization in there areas. The customizations tend to be complex and costly to maintain in these areas or the requirement to use unsupported tools are add in risk..

Here is a list of know trouble areas. Please refrain from customizing there, even if is might be possible.

This list is a living document and not to be considered exhaustive.


Deprecated - Will be refactored or removed in the future

Platform nature - This is build on a platform that does not encourage customization.

Complexity - This requires intimate knowledge of the code. It is hard to assess and predict impacts of making changes. It might ruin performance with even slight changes.

Security - High risk of introducing vulnerabilities

Source Code- Hard to customized as the code is unavailable or unextendible


Product Area Discouraged Customization Area Type of Risk Description
Asset Management VB (macro - DOCMAN etc.) Sourcing Complexity
Experience Integrations to Web Client Technical Complexity
Finance Finance modules - Posting type related modifications Functional Complexity
Finance Invoicing, Posting Controls etc. Functional Complexity
FSM Schedule Board Technical Complexity
FSM File Import/Export Technical Complexity
FSM Contract Generation Technical Source Code
FSM Warranty Calculation Functional Complexity
HCM Position Structure based customizations Technical Complexity
HCM Time and attendance module Technical Complexity
HCM Time reporting using the Web Client interface Technical Complexity
HCM HCM access logic in general Technical Complexity
HCM HCM Time Registration & Expense Reporting (Web Client) Technical Complexity
Manufacturing Master Scheduling / MRP Functional Complexity
Manufacturing CBS/APB ( Specifically 'seperate' executables on older app versions that are developed outside the standard framework) Technical Source Code
Manufacturing Shop Floor Workbench Technical Complexity
Project Project / Project Forecast / Sub Contracting Technical Complexity
Supply Chain Campaign Technical Complexity
Supply Chain MRP/CRP Technical Complexity
Supply Chain Customer and Supplier Statement Reports Technical Complexity
Supply Chain Demand Planner Technical Complexity
Supply Chain WADACO Technical Complexity
Supply Chain Supplier Invoice Matching Functional Complexity
Supply Chain Configure to Order Technical Complexity
Supply Chain Price logic on Customer Order Functional Complexity
Supply Chain Lead time calculations Functional Complexity
Supply Chain Transaction Based Supplier Invoice Consideration Functional Complexity
Supply Chain Inventory Put away Logic Technical Complexity