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This section describes how to design and redesign an Information Source using the IFS Developer Studio tool. An Information Source consists of one Fact entity and one or more Dimension entities.

A Fact entity in most cases represents a transactional entity. It may refer to information in more the one IFS Logical Unit, so there is nothing that guarantees that there is a one-to-one relationship between a LU and a Fact. The Fact can be seen as a high level transactional entity that provides useful measurable attributes related to a specific product area. The measures are typically used in reports and dashboards to provide high level decision support.

A Dimension normally represents basic data and is used to categorize Fact (transactional) data. The IFS Developer Studio tool provides a quick and reliable way of designing new Facts and Dimensions as well as to redesign existing ones.

There are two main use cases related to Information Sources:

  1. IFS Business Analytics
  2. IFS BI Analysis Package