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Document Management Development

This document covers topics of a technical nature on various components within IFS Document Management. These topics include architectural details, APIs, services, and how-tos. As such, this document is targeted towards both developers and administrators who might be interested in knowing more about these technical components, how they work, setting them up, or using the various APIs and services provided in their programs.


Creating and importing documents

For information on how to create and import documents and connecting them to business objects, refer to the information about the premium API/projection CreateAndImportDocument in the API Explorer.

There are other APIs too that can be used, which does not have the API class Premium (use them with care). Here are some examples:

  • DocReferenceObjectAttachmentHandling - This API handles all the functionality of the Attachments / Documents section in Aurena.
  • CreateDocuments - A "light" API for creating documents.
  • ViewDocuments - A "light" API for downloading documents