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User and Permssion Considerations


Due to architectural changes in authentication, all Users configured to use DB authentication will be prompted to select a new password upon first login after an upgrade to IFS Cloud. There is no other impact for end users after the new password has been chosen. Password policies can be configured to enforce a certain strength of the passwords.

Permission Sets

The Aurena client replaces the IFS Enterprise Explorer (IEE) client in IFS Cloud. Presentation Objects regulating IEE access are removed in an upgrade to IFS Cloud. A review of the functional scope of IEE-based grants (POs) and a mapping to equivalent Aurena-based grants (Projection Grants) should be planned for in conjunction with an upgrade. Matching and setting up Aurena-based grants that comply with previous IEE-based grants is a manual process. No automatic migration path is provided

Privileges in earlier version that still are applicable to the Aurena client and IFS Cloud are retained in an upgrade.