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Deploying Upgrade to IFS Cloud

This page lists the steps you should perform when you do the actual upgrade of your IFS Application instance.

It is assumed that in both Cloud and Remote deployment model, direct access to the database is available during all steps of the upgrade.

Deployment of the pre, post, clear, and drop scripts can be performed with any Oracle tool that can run SQL and SQL scripts, like the IFS Cloud Installer or SQL*Plus. The Pre, and Post scripts might only come in question when going into IFS Cloud from earlier releases.

  1. When using IFS Cloud Installer, chose the action File Executor and locate in the manualdeploy folder the script that you want to execute.
  2. When using SQL*Plus, execute the scripts from the correct location where the file is stored, i.e. the folder manualdeploy. If the output is spooled to a log file, it will be located in the same folder.

Note for Cloud deployment model:
If an upgraded database has already been uploaded to Use Place and any manual deploy script has to be executed, the script has to be treated as a customization developed in Build Place, created as a re-runnable cdb file. In this scenario the files in manualdeploy folder can be seen as templates.