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Deploy Main Upgrade

The main upgrade should only be done once the Pre-scripts have completed successfully.

The main upgrade is deployed using the IFS Cloud Installer. You start the IFS Cloud Installer from within your build_home. Note that the IFS Cloud Installer by default installs all parts of the build_home (prepare database, deploy db objects and middle-tier). Optionally the parts can be split into separate install steps if required by feeding the installer with appropriate actions Installer Actions.
More details on how to deploy using the IFS Cloud Installer can be found here Deploying IFS Cloud

Follow these steps:

  • Make sure all the installer configuration parameters are available.

NOTE: All the parameters parameters needed for the final solution should be set in the fresh install. see Installation parameters and Custom values yaml example

  • Start the installer.
    This is done by running the installer script with all configuration settings passed to it - the installer is located here <build_home>\ifsinstaller\installer.cmd (or <build_home>/ifsinstaller/ if on Linux)
CMD> cd c:\exampletmp\deliveries\build_home\ifsinstaller   
CMD> .\installer.cmd --values c:\exampletmp\config\ifscloud-values.yaml --values .\solutionset.yaml

Don't forget to add the dbInstaller.sysPassword parameter when you install an upgrade.