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Data Management

IFS Cloud business data is stored in a Oracle database. Data Management is about how this data can be migrated, replicated and archived.

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The process of migrating data is supported by IFS Data Migration tool. This tool is typically used to move data from previous legacy systems when an IFS solution is first implemented, or when systems are consolidated. The key advantage of IFS Data Migration is that it always loads data through the business logic APIs in IFS Cloud. Unlike other solutions that insert data straight into tables IFS Data Migration assures that business rules, validations, and integrity checks are never bypassed.

  • A migration job with procedure type Excel Migration can be executed through MS Excel and an authorized end user could Load / manipulate data in the specific logical units related to the given migration job. The IFS Excel Add-In uses the Excel Migration procedure type and is an extension to the standard data migration functionality in IFS Cloud.

  • The process of synchronizing data among physically dispersed application installations is known as Data Synchronization.

  • Data Migration Manager is a migration tool to be used for migration work between different environments


IFS Excel Add-in set up

How to enable Data Synchronization

Data Migration Manager setup