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IFS Update Analyzer

To make your update lift of IFS Cloud from one Update to another as smooth as possible, IFS Update Analyzer can pre-analyzes and detect any obstacles in your customized code set up inside the applications. If the tool finds a suspect issue, an impact warning is raised and categorized.

Other analyzer tools

Upon completing an configuration analysis, it would be required to conduct an impact analysis on configuration items not covered by this tool. Users are expected to run all analyzer tools in order to complete the impact analysis.

Tool Description
Configuration Analyzer Analyze impact on configuration items is done with the Configuration Analyzer
Lobby Analyzer Analyze impact on lobbies is done with the Lobby Analyzer
Page Rebase Designer For page configurations the Page Configurations overview page is used to identify artifacts that is impacted by the upgrade. Affected Client Configurations, then the Page Rebase Designer is used to analyze details and rebase configurations to the new application release.