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IFS Lobby Analyzer

Lifting IFS Cloud/IFS Application 10 from one update to another could have an impact on your own lobby datasources implemented using Core View’s or API’s. IFS Lobby Analyzer will help you to do an impact analysis to identify such compatibility issues.

IFS Lobby Analyzer will scan all the lobby datasources installed in your database, it will formulate SQL query based on views, columns, where condition, order by and group by clauses in the lobby datasource. Any execution errors will be listed as Datasource Validation errors for further analysis. This will help you to identify the impact from a view or a method signature change to your existing lobby datasources.

Updates will not be handled automatically by this tool. Instead when a new version is available you have to download it from the Developer Portal. (


IFS Lobby Analyzer will help you to identify the potential compatibility issues related to your update scenarios.

Steps to follow

1.Run the tool before the update , make the errors zero by fixing errors related to your datasources or whitelist the errors by adding Datasource ID and the ‘exclude’ tag to errortypes.csv file for errors not connected to your datasources.

2.Execute the tool again, after installing your update .

3.Any errors connected to your datasources need to be reviewed/fixed.


Following configuration steps need to be performed before the first time usage,

1.Download the zip file, unzip it to your local disk.

2.Update the LobbyRegressionTester.cmd file with your database server name, sid, log in user name and the password ( end user with permission to access the Lobby Datasource Designer page can execute this tool).

3.Update the var_list.xls file with page parameters mandatory for your lobby page (You don't need to configure all page parameters here.).

4.Update errortypes.csv file with Datasource ID’s to exclude them from the error list. ( check the whitelist process for further information).

5.Once these files are updated you can execute the LobbyRegressionTester.cmd file, to get the result.xml generated.

Whitelist process

Any errors not related to your lobby datasources can be permanently removed from the error log by adding such lobby datasource ID's into errortypes.csv file with the ‘exclude’ tag.

When a new version is downloaded, make sure to copy any Datasource ID entries you have added to errortypes.csv into the latest file.

Note: Users are expected to run both Update Analyzer and Lobby Analyzer as part of the impact analysis.

Other analyzer tools

Upon completing an configuration analysis, it would be required to conduct an impact analysis on configuration items not covered by this tool. Users are expected to run all analyzer tools in order to complete the impact analysis.

Tool Description
Update Analyzer Analyze customizations use Update Analyzer
Configuration Analyzer Analyze impact on configuration items is done with the Configuration Analyzer
Page Rebase Designer For page configurations the Page Configurations overview page is used to identify artifacts that is impacted by the upgrade. Affected Client Configurations, then the Page Rebase Designer is used to analyze details and rebase configurations to the new application release.