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Why Workflows?

As part of IFS’s continuous goal to make our software easier to use and tailor, Business Process Automation functionality has been implemented within IFS Cloud Web. As part of the solution, a workflow engine has been embedded within IFS Cloud Web to enhance the automation and tailoring experience of our users.

Now let's take a look at benefits of using workflows,

1. Eliminates manual “paper” work

Low-value and repetitive manual tasks can be eliminated by automating steps using a Workflow. This frees users to do activities with more value to the business.

2. Reducing the time required to complete activities

Automating manual steps can reduce the time needed to complete activities. This in turn increases both user and customer satisfaction.

3. Increases Implementation Quality

Automation can help reduce the possibility of human errors in the business process. In turn, the implementation quality will be increased.

4. Increases business agility

Business processes can be configured by changing the way the system performs activities or by creating new behaviors.

Ease of Use and Quicker Time to Value

Business Process Automations are easy to access therefore more people such as Business Analysts, Developers or Subject Matter Experts within the business will be able to perform the tailoring/configuration of these Workflows without the need of custom development. As more people should be able to perform the required changes, the time to value will be reduced. It also provides lower cost, increased agility within the business, and reduced time spent on training. Due to greater solution flexibility and an increased ease of use with our Workflow features means customers will have a quicker time to value as they are able to configure over custom development which also means quicker to implement overall. Increased agility comes with quicker time to value.