A SOAP envelope normally consists of two parts:

  1. A Header containing address data, properties and other information about the message.
  2. A Body that contains the message data.

IFS Implementation of SOAP Envelopes

IFS Connect has support for plugging in envelopes (XML Envelope Definitions).
Envelopes SOAP_SIMPLE and SOAP_IFS are installed as a part of a standard installation.

XML Envelope Definitions are used for

XML Envelope Definitions are stored in the database in form of XML files and they are administered in the Connect configuration tool.
Note: If other envelopes then SOAP_IFS and SOAP_SIMPLE are needed then read: Customization of envelopes

Envelopes are used to encapsulate xml data. A definition file in xml format is used as the envelope definition.
Envelopes are stored in the database and are defined using the Connect Configuration tool feature.
They are connected to an address in Message Routing rules.

Inbound message flow with Envelopes


Outbound message flow with Envelopes