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Archiving for Content Security

Protect the data in IFS Cloud.


About Data Archiving

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About Message Archiving

How to setup Message Archiving


To have a reliable backup strategy you need a set of procedures. They include procedures for classifying data, backing up data, storing backups, testing backups and restoring data. Archiving is not a backup solution.


There are basically two ways to backup the database either with the help of Oracle or by using the operations system to copy the database files. Oracle supplies RMAN, which is backup and recovery program. It lets you take backups of data files, control files, SPFILE and archivelog files. Those backups can be stored in one of two ways, either as image copies or as backup sets.

Data Protection Methods

Oracle have support for database encryption, so that if your hard drives are stolen the information inside the database is still secure. Oracle also have method for transforming product data into test data, this will let you test you database applications without the risk of production sensitive information leaking out and in to a less secure test system. IFS Cloud has separation of duties protection so that only the right users are given access to the data.