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Custom Attributes

Custom attributes make it possible to extend an Entity. Use this function to add custom specific information to IFS Cloud entities to support specific process needs. Custom attributes can be displayed in the client through other concepts, e.g., Custom Attributes, Custom Entities.

Types of Custom Attributes

There are two main types of attributes.


A persistent custom attribute is stored in the database. These attributes have a column and are stored in the generated Custom Attributes table.

Read Only

A read-only field can display existing values or calculated values.

  • Reference
    This type of read-only field opens up a dialog window where you can follow all references from the current Entity to all other referenced Entities. You can continue to follow references to Entities many steps away. Remember that you will get more performance impact the more references you follow.
  • Expression
    In this type of read-only field, you must enter your SQL expression that returns the value that you want to display. The expressions you can use are Oracle functions, IFS Cloud PL/SQL functions and other expressions like string, date and number expressions.
  • Select statement
    This type of read-only field requires that you enter a select statement that can include bind-variables for restricting the where clause. Bind-variables are sent as parameters to the function that is created to handle the execution of the select statement.