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User Profile/Cache

Much like the previous client frameworks the IFS Aurena Client Framework also makes use of the User Profile to save user settings.

Items you can save in the profile with regard to IFS Aurena are:

  • Bookmarks - Bookmarks allow users to store links to their favorite pages in the user profile, to get quick access to them later.
  • Field values - If you choose to save field values (also known as profiled fields) in the profile, these values will be given priority over the default values.

field Foo{  

  • Search context values - The defaulttoprevious property can be set to true for the relevant search context field to save it in the profile.

field IsValidToday {  
    required = [true];  
    label = "Valid Rows";  
    defaulttoprevious = [true];  

The user profile can be used anywhere. So when developing IFS Aurena Client pages it is a good practice to evaluate if the use of the profile can improve the user experience.