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Installation of IFS Business Reporter on Citrix

Use this page when you want to know how to install IFS Business Reporter client on Citrix.

How to Install IFS Business Reporter on Citrix

In order to install IFS Business Reporter client on a Citrix environment, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder for IFS Business Reporter on the Citrix server, considered as <IFS_BR_HOME>. E.g. D:\IFS_BR_HOME
  2. Install a supported Microsoft Excel version on the Citrix server. The folder where the Excel.exe file is installed will be considered as <MS_Excel_Home>.
  3. Install IFS Business Reporter in the Citrix server by running the Setup.exe. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation process and install all prerequisites plus IFS Business Reporter. During the installation, supply the <IFS_BR_HOME> path as the installation location and select Just me option in the same window.

    Note: Do not use the option to install for Everyone when installing IFS Business Reporter on Citrix

  4. Next step will be to publish IFS Business Reporter in the Citrix. The publishing actually means that Microsoft Excel is published.
  5. Open the Citrix Access Management Console. Start -> Programs -> Citrix -> Management Console -> Access Management Console
  6. In the navigator, go to Applications. Citrix Access Management Console -> Citrix Resources -> Presentation Server -> <Citrix Server Name> -> Applications
  7. Right-click on Applications and select New and then Publish Applications. This step can also be done by selecting New in the Common Tasksection. The result will be that the Publish Application wizard opens.
  8. Give a meaningful Display Name and Application Name and click Next.
  9. In the Type section leave the default settings and click Next.
  10. In the Location section give the Command Line and the working directory.
    1. Command line should be according to: <IFS_BR_HOME>\IFSBusinessAnalyticsLauncher.exe This means that publishing IFS Business Reporter is associated with a command.

      Note: Depending on MS Excel version, the executable will be found in version specific folders,  e.g. OFFICE12, OFFICE14, OFFICE16, etc. Make sure to use the correct folder name.

    2. The Working Directory should be <IFS_BR_HOME>
  11. Click Next.
  12. In the Server section add the Citrix server.
  13. Click Next.
  14. In the Users section add the users that will be using IFS Business Reporter.

Note: Only specified users will have access to IFS Business Reporter published on the Citrix server.

  1. For the rest of the wizard select the default options and finally click Finish.
  2. Test to logon to the Citrix environment as a IFS Business Reporter user and make sure that IFS Business Reporter is available for the user and that it can be started and accessed properly.

Setting up an IAM Client for IFS Business Reporter

In IFS cloud, the authentication handled by IAM identity providers. Therefore, it is necessary to setup an IAM client id for IFS Business Reporter.

Please refer to this page for more information on creating IAM client ids.

Note: To log in to IFS Business Reporter, you must set up an IAM Client first.

User Access Considerations

It is important to make sure that users being allowed to access IFS Business Reporter in a Citrix environment, have restricted access to files and folders on the Citrix server. The reason is that when Open or Save functionality is used in MS Excel, the user actually is running Windows Explorer via dedicated dialogs and it is possible to e.g. create folders, delete files etc unless the access has been restricted.

Saving IFS Business Reporter Files

To enable users to store IFS Business Reporter report files on disk, the following is important to consider:

  • Each user should preferably have his own folders that are not accessible by other users. Else there is a risk that different users overwrites each others report files or that users get access to other users private report files.
  • If the users do not get a private folder on the Citrix server but instead have to store the files on a public file share folder, it is important to make sure that this folder is a trusted folder. Else it will not be possible to open a previously saved IFS Business Reporter report without getting an error saying that customization could not be found. The reason for this error has to do with the Microsoft.Net Framework. For more information, please refer to Advanced Technical Information.