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Setup IFS Connectivity

The Connectivity messages provides basic integration functionality. The concept is described in About Connectivity. This page describes the forms in use for operating the connectivity functionality.


All connectivity configuration forms are in separate pages. Navigate to Solution Manager / Integration / Connectivity and open window Setup Connectivity.

This window allows you to create a Site, Message Class, Message Receiver and Message Media.
Administration of Connectivity Inbox and Connectivity Outbox messages are done using separate forms in Solution manager.

Installation Site

Installation Site contains information used by Connectivity to transport data from the Out Message Box to the In Message Box. Column Site ID connects a Receiver with a physical DB Link. If an installation site is created without any database link, the data will be transmitted within the same database and the same application owner. Installation Site also includes information used by Replication, Timezone Difference and This Site. The Timezone Difference column contains the difference in hours between the different sites. The column This Site is checked for the current site.

Message Class

Message Class includes information about which messages that can be transmitted from the Out Message Box and received into the In Message Box. Columns Send and Receive controls if the message can be transmitted and received. If a message can be received, the column Action specifies the action to execute.

Message Receiver

Message Receiver includes information about the receiver of the messages transmitted from the Outbox to the Inbox using SQL*Net and SQL from the Outbox. If the transmission is based on files or third party tools (like Amtrix) no receiver needs to be entered here.

Message Media

This page includes information about the media used to transmit the messages. If attribute Media Code in the Out Message is used, the Media must be registered in this window. Media is not used by Connectivity at present time. It can be used by third party tools (like Amtrix) to collect messages to send.

Background Services

For configuring and administering of IFS/Connectivity seven parameters are installed at installation time

Connectivity available affects the public methods in Connectivity_SYS. When the parameter is set to OFF no action is done by the public methods.

Connectivity Inbox/Outbox process available affects the background jobs processes Connectivity_SYS.Process_Inbox__ and Connectivity_SYS.Process_Outbox__. When any of the parameters is set to ON the corresponding process is started and when set to OFF the corresponding process is terminated.

Connectivity Inbox/Outbox process restart interval affects the background jobs processes Connectivity_SYS.Process_Inbox__ and Connectivity_SYS.Process_Outbox__. When any of the parameters is changed the corresponding process is restarted with the new interval.

Durability in days for accepted messages in Inbox/Outbox affects the cleanup processes. The parameter determines how long a message is kept in the Inbox/Outbox after the message has been successfully processed.