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Supported Functionalities

This section presents the currently supported functionalities in the IFS OData Provider.

Query Options

The following Query Options are supported. Please refer the OData Specification on further details on how to use them.


$select query option is supported.


$expand is only supported for one to one assosiations.


$apply query option is supported.


$orderby query option is supported except for Actions which returns a collection of structures.


Please refer OData Specification  for $filter syntax and semantics.

All $filter functionalities are supported, unless specified otherwise.

All Comparison Operators except 'has' are supported.
All Arithmetic Operators except 'mod' are supported.
All Collection Functions are NOT supported.
All Lambda Operations are NOT supported.
All String Functions are supported.
All Arithmetic (Math) Functions are NOT supported.
Functions 'fractionalseconds', 'totalseconds', 'totaloffsetminutes', 'mindatetime', 'maxdatetime', 'round', 'floor', 'ceiling', 'geodistance', 'geolength', 'geointersects' and 'isof' are NOT supported
Usage of $count in a $filter is NOT supported.

Note: Cast function only support casting of primitive types of kind Date, DateTimeOffset, TimeOfDay, Boolean, Decimal and String to Edm.String data type, others are not supported.
All Geo Functions are NOT supported.
All filter operations on Actions returning a collection of strucutures is not supported.
All arithmetic operations are not supported with Date, Time or DateTimeOffset properties.
Duration primitive literal is not supported.

$top and $skip

$top and $skip operations are supported. Please note that if using $top and $skip for paging it's recommended to use a $orderby to have a more consistent data fetch. However, please note that even with this if the data is been added/removed while you are doing multiple GET operation with $top and $skip, you can encounter duplicate or missing data. This is something the calling application need to be aware of.


$count operation is supported.


Only application/json format is supported

Batch Operations

Batch Operatation are supported, but only multipart/mixed. Json type batch operations and others are not supported. See more on batch operations here.

Content Type

The IFS OData Provider only supports content/type of application/json. application/xml is only supported for the service document ($metadata)