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Complex Data Type Support for Operations

IFS odata-provider supports complex parameter types and return types in actions and functions. This section covers detail about the usage and limitations of such complex parameter types and return types.

Supported Data Types for Attributes in Complex Data Types

OData operations support Complex data types with attributes of simple, complex and collection. Below is a list of supported data types inside Complex data types.

  • Alpha
  • Boolean
  • Date
  • Enumeration
  • GUID
  • Integer
  • Number
  • Text
  • Time
  • Timestamp
  • Complex Data Type
  • Array

Calling Odata Operations with Complex Data Type Parameters and Return Types

  1. Actions
  2. Functions
  3. Return Type

Challenges and Solutions

  • It is possible to change the attribute arrangement of a Complex Data Type as you wishes by adding/removing attributes or changing the order of the attributes.
  • With these changes, the cached JDBC Complex Data Type descriptor becomes stale.
  • So in this case according to oracle it throws SQLException.

Oracle information

Click here for Oracle documentation

  • Forcefully creating the structure descriptor is deprecated from the oracle 12c onward due to some performance issues.
  • So in this scenario we mark the sql connection to be destroyed by the connection pool & throw an exception as below to inform the client.

Exception information