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Appearance Designer for Mobile Apps


The visual appearance of mobile apps can be customized to align with business brand(s) identity via Appearance Designer. Appearance Configurations can be configured to include mobile app appearance properties.

See the Appearance Designer for IFS Cloud Web for more information on using Appearance Designer.

Mobile Apps Appearance Properties

Adding a property to an Appearance Configuration context means that the value of that property will be overridden from the default theming.

Mobile app supports customization of color on following elements:

Property Description
M-100-COLOR Aurena Native app bar background color
M-110-COLOR Aurena Native app bar text color
M-200-COLOR Aurena Native navigator color
M-210-COLOR Aurena Native navigator text color
M-300-COLOR Aurena Native dashboard icon color
M-400-COLOR Aurena Native context bar color
M-410-COLOR Aurena Native context bar text color
M-500-COLOR Aurena Native workflow bar color
M-510-COLOR Aurena Native workflow bar text color

Native client properties are of format M-999-AAAA.

Viewing on mobile apps

Once the Appearance Configuration context has been published, reinitialize application to sync branding down to the devices.

  • On mobile app, navigate to Sync > Initialize

Any updates to the branding themes will be synced to the device at next app initialization.

Switching to Dark Theme

For end users accustomed to working with Dark Mode on their devices, Dark Theme would be applied. Mobile apps do not have an in-app setting to switch themes, and therefore is supported on platforms that support Dark Mode.

Switching themes require app restart (quit and reopen app).

Supported Platforms and settings

Dark Theme can be applied on platforms supporting dark mode: Windows 10 & Android 10 onwards.
Dark Theme is not available on iOS.

  • Switching to Dark Mode on Windows
    • Settings > Personalization > Colors > Dark Mode
  • Switching to Dark Mode on Android
    • Settings > Display > Dark Theme

Note: Dark mode capabilities have been introduced from Android 10. Therefore on older Android versions, Android 9 and lower, users cannot switch to Dark Theme appearance configuration.