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IFS Scan It

IFS Scan It lets you capture data and execute often time consuming ERP processes within and beyond the warehouse in a simple and efficient way on smartphones as well as ruggedized professional devices.

IFS Scan It comes with an easy-to-understand user interface consisting of a process menu to get you started, followed by a customer configured process flow which for each step tells you what to capture by scanning a barcode or manual entry. If you don't have a scanner built into the device or connected via Bluetooth, IFS Scan It allows you to use the device camera as a barcode scanner.

Granting Permission

To make the app available for use a system administrator needs to grant the following permissions:

  • The User needs to have the Wadaco Mobile User permission set granted.

To enable entry of data the user also has to have permission to perform the activity.

Activate the Client

To logon to the proper IFS Applications system and use the app, enter the URL and then login using your user credentials with User and Password. This information should be supplied by your system administrator.

Setup Environment Configurations

Ensure that IFS Cloud Mobile apps are registered as a custom IAM client as instructed on this page

Ensure that the Redirect URI for IFS Scan It app is registered as:
- ifs-ifsscanit://auth

Optional Scandit application license key

This is valid only if scanning barcodes from the devices camera when using IFS Scan It Andoid or iOS app.
When using the camera to scan barcodes, IFS Scan It uses the ZXing SDK (free barcode scanning software with limited barcode support) but can also use a better scanning SDK, Scandit (if provided with a paid license key). If scanning will be done in an environment with poor lighting or if GS1 barcodes will be scanned, it is a good idea to test using Scandit for better scanning performance.

The paid license key, must be obtained from Scandit web site following a procedure which is described below (needs payment). After obtaining the license key it must be entered on the Application Parameters page, be sure to filter for ScanIt.

Procedure to obtain a Scandit paid license key:

  1. Login into
  2. Select License Keys
  3. Click on Create License Key
  4. Fill in the Description as you need. Set the Application ID/Bundle ID to com.ifsworld.barcodescanner
  5. For Platforms make sure that at least Android is ticked.
  6. Finally, click on Create License Key and you will be taken back to your dashboard.
  7. Click on the license key and copy it to your clipboard. Now add it in Application Parameters page, be sure to filter for Scanit in App Name column and find the appropriate scandit app key record and paste the key in the Value column.

If a valid license key is set, Scan It uses Scandit barcode scanning capabilities and if the Scandit license key is not valid (expired or wrong key) an error will be presented stating the key is not valid.

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