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IFS Mobile Forward/Line Maintenance

The IFS Mobile Forward/Line Maintenance application provides forward/line maintenance teams with the capability to connect to the Maintenance & Engineering (M&E) system using their mobile devices and perform maintenance on an aircraft, recording work as it is performed, even if they temporarily lose connectivity.

For administration and configuration of the Forward/Line Maintenance solution as a whole see Forward/Line Maintenance Configuration.

How to locate and install the app

In order to install the IFS Mobile Forward/Line Maintenance app you need to search for the app through the standard channels for the different platforms as follows:

  • IFS Forward/Line Maintenance on Apple App Store (iOS devices)

You can then download the app to your device.

Activate the client

In order to use your app, enter the correct Server URL, and then log in using your user credentials. This information must be obtained from your system administrator.

Setup Environment Configurations

Ensure that mobile app is registered as a custom IAM client as instructed on this page

Ensure that the Redirect URI for IFS Mobile Forward/Line Maintenance app is registered as:
- ifs-ifsmobileflm://auth

Prior to the use of the application, you must set the time on your device to UTC time, the same as the server time.

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