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  • IFS Data Catalog has to be enabled in IFS Cloud environment.

  • Dictionary cache should be refreshed to the latest.

  • It is not required in to reconfigure the default configurations in general. Default configurations are shown as below.


1. Database process

Following database process is activated for harvesting and publishing data assets to data catalog.

2. Batch Queue configurations

Metadata harvesting for a data estate scan happens in backgound. This is to ensure minimum impact for end-users. Following batch queue configurations are provided by default to manage background jobs for the data catalog scans

3. Background Jobs

Background jobs for data catalog scans are posted to pre-defined batch queue which is default configured. A service user called IFSDCAT assigned as execution user for each backgound job.

4. Routing Configurations - Sender, Routing Rule, Routing Address

Publishing of assets to data catalog cloud service is done via IFS Connect. IFS provide default configurations which are shown below.

5. Synchronize available system classifications and custom classifications from Purview

( If classifications are available in Purview account ) In order to apply classifications to assets during the scan process, all the classifications must have been synchronized to IFS Data Catalog from Purview prior to the scan.

The user can sync classifications(system or custom) by clicking the relevant buttons as displayed in the below image.

Users and Roles

Users - There are two user types involved. Admin user is the one who initiates the scan who relates to a role like chief data architect or data engineer of an organization. Regular user has the ability to view / browse assets. Regular user relates to a data steward.

Roles - IFS provide two permission sets which maps to admin and end-user role for data governance. Users are recommended to use default provided permission sets or similar permission sets to ensure authorization for data governance.

  • FND_DCAT_ADMIN - IFS Data Catalog Admin
  • FND_DCAT_USER - IFS Data Catalog User

Additional Configurations