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Query Lifecycle Operations

Once a Query is designed, there are several operations a user can do to maintain the lifecycle of the created query. Some of these operations are directly handled by the tool itself, while the rest through other mediums. Below are the main states once a Query is designed,

Preview Query

After adding attributes from the selected entity(s), a user can populate the designed draft. This functionality fetches data from the database and displays it for the selected attributes.

Preview Function

Save a Query

The query draft can be saved after the query is designed using the Save button. To save the query, the user must provide a mandatory query name and a description. Saving the draft enables features such as publishing and adding it to an Application Configuration Package (ACP).

Publish the Query

Saving a draft will enable the Publish button; clicking on the publish button will publish the query to the database. This will enable features such as utilizing the query through the API explorer and a PL/SQL API.

'Query publish functionalities'

Synchronize Query

A Synchronize button will be enabled to the user if they make a change and save an already published query.

Unpublish Query

An Unpublish button will be enabled once the query is published to unpublish a saved query from the database. Unpublishing will make the query removable.

Note: The Query Designer will show an error when trying to Preview, Publish or Synchronize a query containing Custom Entities or Custom Attributes while the Custom Attributes framework is OFF.

'Custom Attributes framework is disabled'

Edit/Delete a Query

If the user wishes to edit/delete a query, it can be done by clicking on the Query Designer button or Delete button in the 'Queries' page. Navigate to 'Queries' page from the IFS Cloud. To delete a query, the query must be unpublished. Edit/Delete Query in Query Overview Page

Utilizing a Published Query

Consume through API explorer

A published query can be consumed through an API endpoint. To view the Rest API Documentation and Specifications, navigate to the API Explorer from IFS Cloud and search for the query by the 'Query Projection' column in the 'Queries' page

API Explorer

Use in Projection Configurations

For more information refer to Projection Configurations

Use as a Lobby Data Source

For more information refer to Data Source Designer

Add to an ACP

Once a query is saved click on the Query Overview button; this will open up the Query Overview page. Select the respective query and click on Application Configuration Package button. A user can either create a new ACP or add to an existing ACP.

Add to ACP

Post Upgrade Behaviour

When a query created in a prior version is opened from the query designer after an upgrade, it must be saved and reloaded in order for the query JSON to be aligned with the  JSON structure of the new query designer.