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Install Middle Tier ServerΒΆ

The middle tier server is a ubuntu server with microk8s that is running the middle tier containers. The middle tier server is distributed through the LE Portal as a virtual appliance that can be deployed into a VMware vSphere environment.

To deploy a middle tier server, login to your Windows Management Server and run the following steps from there.

  • Either:

    1. Download the latest version of the OVA template file from the LE Portal.

    2. Login to vSphere.

    3. Right-Click on the Cluster/Host -> Select "Deploy OVF Template" and then upload the .ova file and proceed to deploy the template to create a VM. Deploy OVF Template

    4. Login to the newly created VM

      1. Change the Hostname by running the command sudo./ <new-hostname-for-vm> inside the VM.

      2. Create a DNS entry with the new hostname as subdomain in your FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), and point it to this VM. Ex.

      3. To secure your VM, change the default password by running the command passwd

  • or Deploy a VM in a Virtualization or Cloud Platform from a specified Linux Distribution and Version by IFS (Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS created from the Original Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS ISO). Additionally a linux user with username 'ifs', with password authentication and with sudo privileges needs to be available in the Middle-Tier Linux VM.

    If it is required to increase disk space in nodes to allow more disk space for containers, should be mounted to /var.

The middle tier server is now ready to be installed with IFS Cloud.