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Installing behind a Proxy (Optional)


When accessing through the internet proxy, the URLs under need to be whitelisted.

Steps for Installing behind a Proxy

Step 1: The Management Server by default will NOT use the Windows Proxy Setting. Run the following command first to make it work:

ps> $env:HTTP_PROXY="<proxy server>"
ps> $env:HTTPS_PROXY="<proxy server>"
ps> $env:NO_PROXY="<local ip range>"

Step 2: For Middle Tier Server, following are the microk8s configurations required in IFS Cloud remote deployment option to run behind a proxy.

Step 3: Open a Powershell Window in Windows Management Server ifsroot folder, then run ./main.ps1 to install the Remote Deployment Option which will install microk8s.

Step 4: The following configurations in the Ubuntu Linux Middle-Tier Server VM are required.

4.1. Test if proxy is working:

curl -v -x http://proxyhostname:3128 

4.2. sudo vim /etc/environment and set below variables.


Step 5: Then continue to install IFS Cloud by running the IFS Cloud Installer.

Step 6: Restart microk8s.

microk8s stop
microk8s start

Step 7: Now the pods should pull the images and start up.

Step 8: Go to Middle Tier Server and comment all proxy setting at /etc/environment.

Step 9: Now reboot the Middle Tier Server.

Step 10: Go back to the Management Server and run the IFS Cloud Installer command with action=delete option to delete the Middle Tier.

Step 11: Then run the IFS Cloud installer command with action=mtinstaller option to install the Middle Tier.

Step 12: Test if the VM can reach the internet through the proxy:

 curl -v