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Installing behind a Proxy

Following are the microk8s configurations required in IFS Cloud remote deployment option to run behind a proxy.

  1. Open a Powershell Window in Windows Management Server ifsroot folder, then run ./main.ps1 to install Remote Deployment Option which will install microk8s.

  2. The following configurations in the Ubuntu Linux Middle-Tier Server VM are required.

    2.1 Test if proxy is working:

    curl -v -x http://proxyhostname:3128

    2.2. sudo vim /etc/environment and set below variables.


    2.3. Then restart microk8s

    microk8s stop
    microk8s start

    2.4. Test if VM can reach the internet through the proxy:

    curl -v -x
  3. The pods should pull the images and start up.

  4. Then continue to install IFSCloud by running the ifsinstaller.