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Forward/Line Maintenance (FLM) ConfigurationΒΆ


The Forward/Line Maintenance (FLM) solution enables forward/line maintenance teams to perform maintenance activities from preparing for aircraft arrival, recording maintenance and deferring faults, to releasing an aircraft, via the IFS Cloud Web and IFS Cloud Mobile user interfaces.

In IFS Cloud 22R2 the FLM solution can only be deployed as non-integrated with Maintenix.

The Forward/Line Maintenance components in IFS Cloud are as follows:

  • ADCOM - This consists of web pages, used by administrators to manage basic data information related to Forward/Line Maintenance and to define settings related to the display of information for technicians.
  • ADMON - This consists of web pages used by administrators to monitor communication, notably the status of the synchronization of requests between the Forward/Line Maintenance applications and Maintenix, when an integration to Maintenix is supported.
  • FLMEXE - This consists of web pages used by line technicians and maintenance supervisors to carry out line maintenance activities.
  • FLM - This consists of pages on the Forward/Line Maintenance mobile application, which is used by technicians. For information related to the Forward/Line Maintenance mobile application see IFS Mobile Forward/Line Maintenance.

Configuration tasks

The table below details the list of tasks to be executed to configure FLM for use.

Task Instructions
If Maintenix is installed, configure FLM to run, non-integrated with Maintenix at Runtime Configure FLM to be non-integrated with Maintenix at Runtime
Set up user as an administrator of Forward/Line Maintenance information Set up user as an Administrator
Set up user as a technician Set up user as a Technician
Set up user as a supervisor Set up user as a Supervisor
Install and set up IFS Cloud Mobile Apps IFS Cloud Mobile Apps
Set up the Mobile Forward Line Maintenance application and configure mobile app users IFS Mobile Forward/Line Maintenance
Load aircraft type configuration for use by the Forward/Line Maintenance solution Load Aircraft Type Configuration
Enable the IFS Cloud tooling solution for Forward/Line Maintenance, rather than the default tooling solution from Maintenix Enable the IFS Cloud tooling solution
Enable a line technician or supervisor to add and view attachments on a fault Configure the use of attachments on faults
Allow LiDAR based measurement media attachment Allow LiDAR Media Attachments
Set up the use of digital signatures for the Forward/Line Maintenance solution IFS Signature Service
Configure remote assistance on installation Remote Assistance Configuration
Configure users and user groups for remote assistance Remote Assistance
If required, modify the default scheduled cleanup of work package loader data from external file and intermediate processing tables and configure an event action to notify when the cleanup is executed. Configure work package loader data cleanup activities