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System classifications are available in Purview by default. In addition to System classifications, the user can create Custom classifications in IFS Data Catalog.

Sync available system classifications and custom classifications

Read Prerequisities > Configurations > 5. Synchronize available system classifications and custom classifications from Purview

for the steps.

Add a custom classification

1. Navigate to Classifications Page

2. Click plus button to open assistant for adding new classification

Enter custom classification details and submit

3. Sync with Purview

Click Sync Custom Classifications button to sync the new custom classification to Purview. Verify by checking whether the Status is updated to Synced.

Steps to apply classifications to an asset manually

1. Check the status of the classification

Any classification must be in Synced status in order to be applied to an asset.

2. Search and select the asset via Search Asset page and go to the asset detail page

In the asset detail page, click the plus button under Classifications tab.

3. Apply the classification

Simply click Add Selected Classifications.