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Copy Migration Jobs

Use this function if you want to duplicate your migration job to a new job. The copy function will create a new job with a Job ID that you specify, and copy all information including Formatting information, Column Mappings and Rules to the new job.


A migration job to copy must be created and selected in the Migration Job window.

System Effects

A new migration job equal to the job that was current when the Copy function was started will be created. The migration job will also be automatically added for the creating user in the Pr. User tab in the basic data.


To copy an migration job:

  1. Query for the job you want to copy in the Migration Jobwindow.
  2. From the job header, choose right mouse button and select Copy Migration Job...
  3. Enter a Job ID for the new migration job. Make sure you use uppercase letters.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Query for the new Job ID in the Migration Job window.