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Show Select Statement

The sql Select is a dynamically created SQL statement based on information entered in the migration job header and the source mapping tab when job was created:

SELECT   nvl(<source_column>,<default_value>)  
FROM     <source_owner>.<source_name>  
WHERE    <where_clause>  
GROUP BY <group_by_clause>  
ORDER BY <order_by_clause>


When a migration job is created with direction Source Migration, a source name must be added to the Maintenance/Formatting tab. The source name may be a table, a view, a database link to a remote table or view, or a join of one or more of these. The database source is used to select data from, and then transfer these data into IFS through standard IFS business logic. The data source entered is used in the FROM part of a select statement, and you may also enter a WHERE statement and an ORDER BY clause. The columns in the SELECT part itself will be retrieved from the Source Column and the Default Value column in the Maintenance/Source Mapping tab.

After you have filled in sufficient information, you can verify the SELECT-statement from a right mouse menu. The statement will be PARSED  to dynamic SQL for validation. Errors will be displayed.

System Effects

When executing a job, the Sql Statement that is configured by you will be used as a cursor to loop through each of the rows returned and perform the methods with action 'InLoop' in the Maintenance/Method List tab. A complete attribute string will be created with all the columns of the rows returned by the Sql statement. This attribute string is then used to complete each individual attribute string for the methods in the method list with values from selected data.