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Create Migration Job

Use this activity when you want to create a new migration job, or maintain an existing job. In this phase you name the job and add a procedure to define what kind of job this should be. When the header is defined, you can later configure the job by mapping columns for file- or source job, and define rules to control the behavior of the job.

Important: The Job ID should only contain characters, numbers and "_".


  • The procedure name you connect to the new job must be defined in General data, under Procedures.
  • If you want to connect a group to the new job, the group must be defined in General data, under Groups.

System Effects

When saving a new migration job some default rules will be created automatically in the Rules tab for the job. These may be configured, deleted or you may insert additional rules.

When saving a new migration job the system will automatically create all the columns from the view in the column IFS View Name in the File Mapping or Source Mapping tab. The columns will be mapped against the columns in the table or view from the Source Name column if this is entered.  The Prepare__ method from the IFS Views' corresponding LU will be used to retrieve default values. If IFS View Name is left blank, no column mappings will be done.

When saving a new  source Migration job, the system will automatically create a method in the Method List tab with the New__ method from the Logical Unit including the specified IFS View Name. This will only happen if the IFS View Name is specified, and the corresponding LU name equals <viewname> _API.


  1. Chose New
  2. Enter a Job ID for the new job
  3. Enter an procedure to be used for the job, either manually or through the List Of Values.
  4. Save the new job.

Optional steps:

  • If you want to relate this job to another job, select a group.
  • Enter an IFS view name if you want the source migration job to automatically create a New__ method in the method list.
  • You should always use the note text column to describe the purpose of the job.
  • If this is a file migration job, fill in the file information columns and the file configuration columns.
  • If this is a source migration job, fill in the database information columns.