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Select Replication Mode

Replication jobs can be executed in different modes, with different outcome regarding how stored procedures are generated and invoked. It is important that you read and understand the different options available to ensure that your replication job is executed correctly


Manual: is used when you want to invoke the stored procedure directly, without using triggers. You can either start the procedure online from the maintenance window (RMB), or in batch from the folder 'Execution Plan'. Remember to define a specific WHERE-clause for the main view in the structure before starting a Manual job, otherwise you will get an error message.

Automatic: is used when you want a trigger to invoke the stored procedure, and you want it to happen immediately. Generate procedures and trigger + enable all triggers, and the replication is active. This means that each time the triggers fires, a job will be started in background, sending the message to IFS/Connect.

Batch: is used when you want a delay in the replication flow to eliminate duplicates.
In this case the (enabled) triggers will enter data into a log-table. To process this log table, you will have to start the replication job in background, from the 'Execute Plan' folder. The replication job will start at selected intervals, processing all entries in the log-table, but will eliminate duplicates + check if option 'Start Point' have been used and act accordingly.