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An application programming interface (API) allows applications to talk to each other. In our context API is implemented as a REST API and the technical protocol which is used is Open Data Protocol (OData). Because of this we can use standard HTTP methods (GET,POST,PUT,PATCH,DELETE ) to call the API.

OData views data as a set of entities each having its own properties which can be filtered by using query options. The relationship between these entities are shown using the entity data model.

IFS OData Provider exposes IFS business entities and business logics through OData endpoints which is known as IFS OData service or IFS REST API.

API Explorer

API Explorer facilitate developers to discover IFS REST APIs as OpenAPI specifications and OData specifications in the format of JSON. Each of these specifications describes available endpoints, operation parameters, authentication methods, API Usage Policy as well as API Class. More details about OpenAPI specifications can be found here >>(

Developers can use these APIs to create new applications or connect existing applications with IFS Cloud without having to invest development time from the scratch.

API Explorer makes the APIs easily discoverable and allows integration developers to explore the APIs availabe to work with IFS Cloud. It also generates API specification URLs in OData and OpenAPI formats. The OpenAPI specification is used as the source to view Documentation for a given API. This API Documentation can be viewed for each API listed in the API Explorer.