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Platform & Sizing

IFS Cloud platform applications can be run on Windows and Unix/Linux servers, supporting multiple hardware and OS. However the applications will only function correctly, and support agreements will only be valid, when the application is running on a currently certified platform.

Supported Platforms

Lists of currently certified platforms for the components of IFS Cloud platform (database and clients etc.) is available on the IFS Supported Platforms pages. Please note that the list of certified platform continuously changes as a consequence of new platforms being certified, and older platform de-supported.

Supported Platforms Policy

For each version of IFS Cloud, IFS defines the combinations of products and product versions that constitute the supported platforms.

IFS will test and support new versions of products for use with IFS Cloud. New product versions are tested and supported for the latest version of IFS Cloud and, at the discretion of IFS, for previous versions.

To help customers and partners make informed decisions regarding what platforms to use, IFS has published a supported platforms policy which indicates how and how fast IFS will typically act in regards to supporting of new platforms and 3rd party product version. The information in the supported platforms policy is just a description of IFS typical behavior and is in no way to be interpreted as a commitment.

Hardware and Network Sizing

To help customers correctly size their IFS Cloud installations, IFS supplies an interactive sizing guide, available online to all IFS subsidiaries and partners globally. The guide covers k8s cluster servers and network resources and database server. It incorporates all the knowledge gained from continuous benchmarking and test activities with business partners and hardware vendors.

The sizing guide is continuously updated:

  • As IFS gains more experience, both from lab tests but also from real customer implementations
  • As IFS continues to develop the product and IFS Cloud platform technology. IFS does sometimes make new deployment options available in service pack, which could drastically affect sizing recommendations.
  • As new hardware solutions and new versions of databases and application servers become certified

Because of this the sizing recommendations continuously change. It is very important to always consult the sizing guide for each deployment and not just rely on past experiences.