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Using Crystal Reports as Quick ReportsΒΆ

Crystal Reports can be used to develop richly formatted layouts that can be included in and accessed from IFS Cloud as Quick Reports. Crystal Reports designed according to a couple of guidelines (listed in the considerations and design guide lines section below) will benefit from the following benefits when executed from within IFS Cloud:

  • The user will not need to re-enter logon information for reports that only access data from the same IFS Cloud database as your currently logged on to.
  • Database table/view locations will be set automatically, making it possible to develop a report in one database and run it in any other IFS Cloud database/instance without modification.

Crystal Reports included in IFS Cloud as Quick Reports may be ordered and viewed from Aurena client. The reports can also be printed or exported to a number of supported file formats (including PDF, RTF, Excel to name a few). In order to view the reports from an Aurena client on the other hand, additional software is required. A separate component (CRYSTL) is also required. This will include any runtime license required.

Finally, some installations and configurations are also needed, please refer to the installation and configuration guide.