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Parallel Development

Parallel development allows multiple developers to work on the same app without overwriting other developer changes by creating a unique app for every developer.

To enable Parallel Development in Developer Studio you must do the following.

Inside Developer Studio

  1. Right click on the Project and select properties.
  2. In the properties dialog, select Feature Toggles and then check the ParallelDev checkbox.
  3. After clicking ok on both dialogs, you can verify that you have enabled Parallel Development by looking at the Developer Studio title bar which should say "PROJECT NAME (Parallel Development)". Enabling Parallel Dev
  4. You will now need to redeploy your app(s), remembering to deploy file again. To update the app you will just need to deploy the client / projection files.

In Aurena client

  1. In Aurena client you will need to navigate to the permission sets. The easiest way to do this is to navigate through Solution Manager -> Users and Permissions -> Permission Sets -> Permission Set.
  2. Find the IFSAPP_FULL permission set and click on the 3 dots -> Details...
  3. On the permission set navigate to Projections and scroll down to your app (it will be named YourUser_AppName). Click on the 3 dots and select Change access -> Grant Full.

You will now be able to log into your app.

The App Name will be youruser_AppName with the user being lower case.

Log in example