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Installer overviewΒΆ

The installer is a script based non-interactive tool that doesn't have a GUI. All configuration will be passed to the installer using yaml files and additional/overriding values passed as additional arguments/files. All installer scipts are availabe as Linux sh scripts and as windows cmd scripts. The parameter passing syntax aligns to how one of the underlying middle tier installers "Helm" works.

As the picture below show - the installer is built up with a main installer and sub-installers. The main installer acts as an orchestrator for the other installers and e.g. ensures that containers are stopped during database depolyments and calls the appropriate sub-installers depending on the content of the delivery to install.

The intention is to always do installations and deliveries using the top installer that orchestrates the installation, but it will be possible to run the different parts separately in specific use cases.

The installer is java based and has a prerequisite that java is preinstalled on the server where it runs. It also requires kubectl and helm to be installed. See Windows Management Server