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Maintenix (MXCORE)ΒΆ

Maintenix is an aviation maintenance component that licensed customers can install during the IFS Cloud installation process. Maintenix has separate database and reporting database schemas that must be installed on the same server as the IFSApps database schema.

NOTE: The required artifacts could be downloaded through the ALE portal for a full installation or a service pack update. See Manage Deployments for A&D Customers.

Maintenix can be used with the following IFS Cloud components:

Scripts that you run during installation turn on data synchronization between the co-located database schemas.

The installation creates two Docker containers which sit inside your Kubernetes cluster with other containers in your solution:

  • Maintenix Application Server - ifsmaintenix-appserver
  • Report Server - ifsmaintenix-reportserver

NOTE: If Disconnected Operations is part of your solution, then before you install IFS Cloud, it is important to read about which instance should be installed and configured first.

To install Maintenix co-deployed with IFS Cloud, see Installing Maintenix.

After successfully installing Maintenix, see Post-Installation Tasks.

During installation, you run a script that applies the required Execute grants to the API packages. See Apply Database Execution Grants to API Packages.

To manage users on Maintenix co-deployed with IFS Cloud, see End User Management.

After IFS Cloud is installed, users access Maintenix from the IFS Cloud landing page. From the same landing page, you can find the other applications used with Maintenix in the IFS Cloud Web user interface. For further information on how Maintenix works, see the help which you access from the application, or see the full set of Maintenix documentation.