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Technical Records Repository Configuration

The Technical Records Repository (TRR) is a storage location for the historical records of maintenance performed and usage accrued on assets such as aircraft or component inventory. The TRR is view only.

The TRR is used in the following solutions:

Solution How the TRR is used in the solution
Maintenix and Disconnected Operations
- One instance of IFS Cloud is designated as the central Technical Records Repository.
- Asset records are created in other, separate instances of IFS Cloud: Main Operating Bases (MOBs) and Forward Operating Bases (FOBs).
- The TRR in MOB and FOB instances is local. After initial configuration, a local TRR includes records that are imported to the location or created at the location. The local TRR can be missing the complete set of records for an asset.  
- MOB and FOB bases export technical record updates from their local TRR to update the instance that houses the central Technical Records Repository.
- When a MOB or FOB transfers assets, a portion of the local technical records is exported with the assets.

Before you configure the TRR, complete the configuration for Maintenix (MXCORE). This Maintenix configuration includes data migration tasks for existing Maintenix customers who will be using the TRR. See Migrate Maintenance Data.

After you've completed the Maintenix configuration, enable users to view the TRR.

Enable Users to View Technical Records

To enable users to view records in the TRR, do the following:

1. Create Technical Records permission set

For information on creating permission sets, see Permission Sets.

Grant the permission set the following:


  • TechnicalRecordNavigatorHandling
  • TechnicalRecordHandling
  • DocumentHome (Read Only)
  • DocReferenceObjectAttachmentHandling (Read Only)

Permission Sets:


2. Assign the permission to users.

3. Enable users to view Attachments

To view attachments on the Technical Records pages in IFS Cloud Web, users require access permission to the Document Management DISCO_DOC document class. Part of this access is configured by granting the DocumentHome and DocReferenceObjectAttachmentHandling projections to the Technical Records Permission set. You must also add users to the Document Management Person Group: DISCO_USER_GROUP.

  1. In IFS Cloud Web, go to the Document Management / Basic Data / Person Group page.
  2. Sort by Group ID and select DISCO_USER_GROUP.
  3. Add users to the Group Members list.