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Enable IAM ClientsΒΆ

After installation, to be able to log in to Maintenix, the mandatory Identity and Access Manager (IAM) clients used with Maintenix need to be enabled. These IAM clients will be automatically enabled if the MXCORE component is active.

Enable additional clients if your organization uses the Production Planner or the Planning Viewer applications which are launched from inside Maintenix. For more information, see Set Up IAM Clients.

  1. In the IFS Cloud Web Navigator, go to the Solution Manager / Users and Permissions / Identity and Access Manager / IAM Client page.
  2. Enable the following clients (edit and turn on the Enabled switch):

    Client Required
    IFS_maintenix_appserver Mandatory
    IFS_maintenix_reportserver Mandatory
    IFS_maintenix_ppc Enable if you use the Production Planner (PP&C) Maintenix application
    IFS_maintenix_pv Enable if you use the Planning Viewer Maintenix application