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Connect Reader Queue

The Connect Reader Queue window located in Solution Manager -> Integration -> IFS Connect navigator node lets you examine and manage messages read by Connector Readers.



In this window you can find information about messages processed by Connector Readers. For each of the processed messages there will be a row in this form, but as soon as the message has been successfully processed by the reader, the row will be removed.

On failure during message reading or deletion attempt the corresponding row will be marked with proper status. Each Connector Reader defines maximum number of retries and the reader will try to read and/or delete messages up to this number, but after that it will give up and ignore the listed message in future listings. If the reader's execution mode is InOrder it will not try to read other messages as long as there are rows in this table marked as Read Failed.

Read more about Connector Reader architecture.

Manage Connect Reader Queue

Information about processed messages:

  • Reader Name - Instance name of the Connector Reader reading the message
  • Message ID - Unique message ID allowing finding the message at the source the reader is reading from. Typically for file based readers it will be timestamp in ms concatenated with the file name.
  • Seq No - Unique sequence ID used internally by the Connect Reader framework.
  • State - Message state. See description of available states in at Connector Reader architecture page.
  • Created - Date and time when the row has been created.
  • Modified - Last modification timestamp.
  • Retry Counter - Number of read or delete attempts.
  • Error Message - Error message on read or delete failure.

Note that you cannot modify the existing rows. You can only remove rows in this window. This is especially important for InOrder readers, which will not read new message as long as there are messages in state Read Failed for the actual reader.