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Oracle Queues

In IFS Cloud, Oracle Queues (Oracle Advanced Queues) are used for asynchronous processing of messages. These queues are used in functionalities such as the Batch Processor, Streams and Object Subscription functionality.

More information on Oracle Advance Queues can be found in the Oracle Documentation.

Oracle Queues

The Oracle Queues window, can be used to monitor IFS related Oracle Advanced Queues in the database. The window can be also used to some administration work on the queues.


  • Start Queue - Enables enqueuing and dequeuing of messages to the queue.
  • Stop Queue - Disables enqueuing and dequeuing of messages to the queue. This will make functionality which use the queue stop working.
  • Purge Queue Tables - Remove all messages in the queue including messages which have not been processed yet and those message which are in state exception.
  • Subscribers - View subscribers currently registered for the queue.
  • Remove All Subscribers - Remove all subscribers registered to the queue. If all subscribers were removed, then it might cause the functionality which uses the queue to stop working.

Oracle Queue Subscribers

Oracle Queue Subscribers window shows subscribers currently registered to the Oracle Advanced Queues.


  • Remove Subscriber - Remove the current selected subscriber. If the subscriber was added by a script you will have to rerun it register the subscriber again.