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Projection Data Source Designer

When creating a projection data source, properties in following sections need to be defined.

  • Data
  • Columns
  • Information


This section includes following configuration settings:

Property Description
Name The name of the Data Source
Projection The projection used to create the data source
This projection could be a standard projection or a query projection created via query designer .
Entity Set All available entity sets in the selected projection are listed here. Select appropriate entity set for the data source from the list.
If the selected entity set has been created with the query designer, the command "Query Designer" is enabled. This will open the query designer with the selected entity set.
Filter The condition to be used for the '$filter' section in the query. The condition needs to be defined according to ODATA syntax.
Also it is possible to use Page Parameters defined in the Page Properties Configuration dialog.
E.g. Company eq $COMPANY$.
(Remember to append the $ sign for page parameters)
Group By The column to be used to group the data
Order By The column to be used to order the data. Default is ascending.

Figure: Example Definition


This section is used to manage which columns to use from the view. You can add columns, remove columns and re-arrange the order of the columns.

Figure: Columns Section

There are two options to add a column.

  • Click Add button and a new row will be created where you can manually type Column, Description and select Type.
  • Click View Columns button which opens the column chooser dialog. All available columns in the view are displayed in the left side of the dialog, select a column and click on the swap button in the middle to add it.

Figure:Column Chooser


In this section you can see/modify the author of the data source, define key words to make it easier to find the data source in the Data Source Designer and write a text with additional information about the page etc. The following is available:

Property Description
Author Author of the Data Source
Keywords Keywords which can be used when searching for the Data Source
Descriptive Text Description about the Data Source
Last Modified Last Modified Date and Time of the Data Source
Copied From If the Data Source is a copy of another Data Source, this field shows the name of the Original Data Source
Protected Check box to Protect/Unprotect configuration. When the Configuration is protected by the author, the configuration properties are disabled to discourage modification. There will be a banner message shown in the top area of the Data Source Designer in this case, and it's possible to enable the configurations back using the Edit Anyway button in the Banner.

Figure:  Information Section