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Permission and Security

  • Power BI Cloud Limitations
  • Power BI Report Server Limitations
  • Other Limitations

Power BI Cloud Limitations

  • Power BI user who is publishing the report should have a Power BI Pro license.
  • Users viewing the embedded report need either a Power BI Pro license or the content needs to be in a workspace that’s in a Power BI Premium capacity (EM or P SKU).
  • The user needs to sign in to view the report whenever they open a new browser window.
  • Some bowsers will require that the users refresh the page after sign-in, specially in scenarios where InPrivate or Incognito modes are used.

Power BI Report Server Limitations

  • To view Power BI Reports in Aurena Client Power BI Report Server must be configured using HTTPS to establish secure connections to the Report Server.
  • Permissions for users to view the reports must be set inside Power BI Report Server.

Other Limitations

  • Row Level security and Permissions for reports must be handled from the Power BI Service.