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PLSQL Access Provider

The PLSQL access provider is used to send messages from PL/SQL logic syncronously and asynchronously to IFS Connect.

Important! Synchronous invocations will execute in their own transactions, separate to any open transaction within Oracle. An Oracle rollback after a synchronous invocation using PLSQL access provider will not roll back the effects of the invocation. However asynchronous postings done with for example Post_Message will be part of the Oracle transaction and included in rollbacks.

See also About PLSQL Access Provider.

Reference Material

Note: The Plsqlap_Buffer_API package is private and must only be used internally by the Plsql Access Provider.

Note: Packages Plsqlap_Record_API and Plsqlap_Buffer_API have been deprecated and will not be maintained any more. The new package, Plsqlap_Document_API, should be used instead of Plsqlap_Record_API.