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Working with Reports

Developing reports can be divided into three steps, modeling, implementation and layout. The first two server side steps are done with Developer Studio but the last is done by a separate tool, IFS Report Designer.

Step 1
Modeling report structure
The whole report is defined in a single model file that contains both the data structure of a report and also the database search logic that assembles the data.

When a report model is saved, several files are automatically generated.
  1. Schema file
  2. Sample data output file
  3. RDF file

Step 2
Implement PL/SQL code
There are two choices when creating PL/SQL code for the RDF file.
  1. Fully generated code
    In this case the entire RDF file is completely generated and can be deployed and tested directly. Set the 'GenerateRdf' codegen property to 'Yes' for this choice.
  2. Manually developed code
    Requires that you open the RDF file and implement all data fetch and result set storage manually. See developers guide for details.

Step 3
Develop the layout
This step requires IFS Report Designer, see developer guide for more info in that tool.

Note:   The RDF file must be deployed in the database for IFS Report Designer to read and use it.