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Metadata Translation

This page describes how to manage translations related to Information Sources metadata, i.e. metadata for Dimension and Fact entities. During a core project the scanning of translatable attributes and communication with a translation agency that handles all translations, will be handled centrally. However, during the support periods and when doing customizations it is necessary to handle the work manually.


Information Source related metadata should be translated. Translations will affect the following:

  • The Information Source Navigator in IFS Business Reporter
  • Display Name field in Information Source page in Aurena client.

IFS Business Reporter will display Information Source related translatable attributes according to selected language at login. For more information about translation handling related to IFS Business Reporter, please refer to the following link >>.

The following attributes are translation handled:

  • Information Source (Fact)
    • Information Source name
    • Information Source URL texts
    • Information Source item name (can be a light item or a measure item)
    • Information Source item navigator folder name
  • Dimensions
    • Dimension name
    • Dimension item name
    • Dimension item navigator folder name

Scanning Metadata

During a core project it will not be necessary to perform metadata scaning manually. This part is taken care of by the language handling process. However, during the support period and when performing customizations, manual handled is requried.

The first step will be to scan Information Source metadata.

This is done in the Solution Manager\Translation Development

Do as follows:

  1. First deploy the metadata definition to the database.
    1. The fact and/or dimension metadata INS file has to be deployed in the database.
  2. Log in to Aurena.
  3. Find the Scan Translatable Code assistant.
  4. In Select Component field, select the component that the metadata source belongs to. Also choose layer, i.e. Core for core development.
  5. Skip step Add files to scan.
  6. Select BI Objects to be scanned.
  7. Go to the last step, Start Scanning
  8. Use the Start Scanning button to start the scanning.
  9. When scanning is done the a list of scanned entities and status will be presented.

To find existing scanned metadata attributes:

  • Navigate to the Text Translation page and query based on the required module /component, the Path defined as either %DIM% or %FACT% depending on if it is dimension or fact specific attributes that should be investigated.
  • Filtering on Layer set to Core will list only core specific data. The query can of course by specified more in details to find a specific dimension or fact.
  • Another way can be to query based on Module and Main Type set to Business Intelligence Meta Data translations and Layer is defined as Core